Cold Brew Tea with Rose is a skincare match made in heaven

Valentines or not, here's why you want more Rose in your life

Given that we're making you a Botanical Cold Brew with wild Rose, surely you knew we were going to tell you all about the wonderful benefits and healing properties of Rose! The internet is full of weird and wonderful information - some true, some less so - and it’s a pain to always have to fact check. So - good souls that we are, we’ve summarised it for you! Let’s crack on.

The main health benefits of having Rose in your drinks

  • It provides a double shot of hydration & Vitamin C. These mainly come from the Rose hip (the base of the petals); whose essence & extract provides your skin with protection from free radicals in your environment. Rose extract & the natural oils from rose are not to be confused with Rose Water - like the type used in baking or in some skin care products. Rose Water (organic) on its own is great as a toner for skin because it works really well to create a natural antibacterial layer to protect against pollutants. Rose can be distilled for the water alone or as a by-product of the creation of Rose extract & essence. The extract, like the kind we use in the Rose Elixir, is more concentrated than Rose water and therefore richer in beneficial properties.

  • Research has shown different parts of the Rose have different properties. Rose petals are rich in several antioxidants, primarily polyphenols and then the Rose hip itself is also a potent source of antioxidants, and it also delivers more Vitamin C than large quantities of fruits even. So rather than eating a bushel of oranges, just drink Rose Elixir!

All of these health benefits lend themselves primarily to skincare. Vitamin C, antioxidants and antibacterial benefits are critical tools in combating the constant barrage of pollution in our environment. We talk often of the antioxidant power house that is Cold Brew Green Tea so when you combine it with the natural properties of Rose - you’re doubling up on your skin’s ability to defend itself.

Skincare : there's no such thing as a silver bullet.

It’s important to point out that health benefits from consuming Botanicals like Rose are not a one-hit wonder. When you’re using natural ingredients to reinforce your health against the daily struggles of pollution, fluctuating diets, not drinking enough water, too much coffee etc - nothing is an instant fix. Taking a preventative approach to skincare and healthcare is the ideal approach - actively using natural ingredients in your diet and products on a regular basis will produce optimal results. 

Roses grow all across Kashmir in the remnants of Mughal gardens and when they’re in bloom the heady scent carries all around you. My favourite association that Kashmiris have with the fragrance of Rose is that of spiritual mindfulness. At the entrance to places of worship you may be sprinkled with Rose water - or “Arq-e-Gulaab” - made locally in the tiniest of apothecaries whose family trade dates back 500 years. I think of it like a cleansing ritual - simultaneously shedding the outside world before beginning your prayer or meditation and also beautifying your environment with the fragrance of thousands of rose petals. 

In a hot brew, dried rose petals are added to Kahwa (the hot drink of choice when not drinking a dairy based chai) to infuse the Samovar, the cup and the environment with the fragrance and nourishment of Rose - a practice adopted from Persian traditions. Kashmiri Rose Kahwa was the source of inspiration for the Rose Elixir. If you’ve ever tried using Rose in your drinks or baking you’ll know - capturing just the right amount of Rose - so it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking/eating air freshener - is quite the skill!

When I blended the recipe for our Rose Elixir, it took several months of trying to get the combination of Rose and Green Tea to be well balanced. My hope is that the Rose comes across enough to be enjoyed in every sip and yet not over-powering. Allowing you to enjoy bottle after bottle without feeling over-caffeinated or like you’ve been drinking mouths full of garden! Perfect for every day drinking, Mother’s Day gifts or any kind of gift really.

You can purchase Rose Elixir as a case of three or six or as part of a mixed case in our Shop - shipping across the UK!

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