Cold Brew Tea or Cold Brew Coffee - what is better for you?

Cold Brew Tea is better than Cold Brew coffee especially if you have bad sleep, anxiety and are prone to caffeine jitters or stomach troubles. Yes we make Botanical Cold Brew Tea so we’re inclined to feel this way, but here’s a short explainer on why.

What’s the difference between Cold Brew Tea and Cold Brew Coffee?

First - and fairly obviously - one is made with tea and one is made with coffee. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get to why you’re really here : caffeine. 

Cold Brew Tea is slow brewed without the introduction of heat. Cold Brew Tea is MUCH lower in caffeine than coffee (cold or hot) and therefore easier on your stomach, nerves and doesn’t impact your sleep as aggressively as cold brew coffee. 

Cold Brew coffee is made by brewing roasted coffee grounds at room temperature, usually overnight. This process brings out less acidity and is therefore better than hot coffee for anyone with sensitivity to acidic food or drinks. However if you’re sensitive to caffeine, it’s still not great as this will be heavily caffeinated.

Culturally, we have become used to consuming coffee or tea hot - and for the purpose of being ‘alert.’ The knock on effects of this behaviour can mean disturbed sleep, dehydration, chronic jitters and if you live with generalised anxiety - the high intake of caffeine elevates your adrenaline, heart rate and makes you feel much worse.

We wrote in detail about the reasons why Cold Brew Tea is good for you in this article here.

To summarise why Cold Brew Tea is good for you :

  1. Gives Gentle caffeine - so your quality of sleep is still good, you’re not dehydrated and your anxiety doesn’t take a further beating

  2. Gives Higher antioxidants - brewing anything in water over 90 degrees Celsius destroys beneficial antioxidants. Cold Brewing means you get a higher amount

  3. Gives L-Theanine - a plant based amino acid found in Green Tea which naturally promotes calm and improves anxiety & sleep

  4. Gives Vitamin C - very important for strong immune systems and Cold Brewing elevates the levels of Vit C in your drink

  5. Smoother Taste -  Tannins are the chemical that cause the bitter after-taste in hot brewed Green Tea. Cold brewing extracts the antioxidants more gently & this means the tannins don’t develop harshly, giving you a smooth drink

So while cold brew coffee is certainly better than it’s hot counterpart; Cold Brewing Tea is the better option overall because it amplifies all the good properties of a caffeinated drink - with the added benefit of minimising the caffeine disruption to your sleep.

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