Cold Brew Tea or Iced Tea - what's the difference?

When people learn about Kashmiri Tea House for the first time, the most common misconception is that we sell Iced Tea. Nope - we sell Cold Brew Tea, you can buy yours in our online store.

So what’s the difference between cold brew tea and iced tea? Here’s a quick summary :

Cold Brew Tea - This is made by steeping Green Tea in room temperature water for several hours or overnight and refrigerating. The resulting flavour is smoother and less bitter because Cold Brewing minimises the tannins the tea releases. Tannins are naturally occurring in plants and are normally released by introducing heat - like when you hot brew tea - and are responsible for the bitter, dry mouth experience you can sometimes have with teas, coffee, wine etc. 

Cold Brewing also elevates the amount of Antioxidants, LTheanine & Vitamin C released. (Incredibly supportive health features when managing anxiety or bad sleep.) This is because there’s no heat to denature your Green Tea.

Cold Brewing draws out gentle caffeine, so you can benefit from the energy without spiking your adrenaline and elevating your heart rate.

And finally, Cold Brewing significantly reduces the level of acidity in your final beverage. This makes it easier to drink throughout the day without causing stomach irritation, nausea or jitteriness.

Iced tea - This is when tea is hot brewed and then cooled in the fridge or poured over ice to drink cold. Hot brewing tea denatures some of the natural antioxidant benefits so you are automatically reducing the health benefits of tea when drinking it hot. 

In Iced tea - because it’s been hot brewed - you’ll have a higher level of bitterness from the tannins as explained above. This is why you’ll find Iced Tea is served with high levels of sugar or sweeteners to mask the bitterness. When store-bought, it’s usually artificially sweetened so definitely not healthy.

The main point to take away is that while everyone’s personal taste varies; if you’re drinking Green Tea specifically for the health benefits - gentle energy, Antioxidants, L-Theanine and Vitamin C - then Cold Brewed is the better option.

We offer Free Delivery across the UK, if you’ve never tried them - our mixed case is a great way to find your favourite flavour!

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