Gift Hamper Ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day or any day

Need last minute gift ideas? This list is for you

Gifting is a year round activity but for some it can be particularly stressful when it’s for occasions like Mother’s Day. Maybe you haven’t had the time to think of something meaningful. Sometimes you’re a bit tight on cash so would rather not spend loads on something fancy. That’s when do it yourself gift hampers are great. There’s variety in a gift hamper and that creates the experience of a thoughtful, personalised gift with a ‘kid in a sweet shop’ experience of sifting through multiple treats!

As it’s Mother’s Day super soon, we’ve put together some ideas for a hamper that I think most Mother’s would enjoy beginning with - obviously - our Botanical Cold Brews.

That said, this is a pretty evergreen hamper, so feel free to use it as inspiration for other celebrations like Birthdays, Baby showers, housewarming or even just part of a care package for someone you love who may be feeling low.

In these troubling times of novel corona virus, many of our nearest and dearest will be self isolating, even if they’re not obviously ill. Creating social distance is not easy for most and it’s extra challenging for small business owners who rely on foot fall and daily life to go on as normal in order for our businesses to thrive. 

That’s also why we’ve included as many small business owners like myself in this list. The social distancing won’t last forever so let’s keep everyone’s spirits lifted and livelihoods going in the meantime! 

8 Gift Hamper ideas that work for all occasions. 

1. Botanical Cold Brew Teas from Himalayan recipes

If you're looking for a gently caffeinated alternative to coffee that goes perfectly in a hamper - the Cold Brew Tea range is ideal. They are delicious on their own or even mixed in a cocktail! Inspired by recipes from the Himalayas our Botanical Elixirs are made using natural ingredients with adaptogenic green tea, no artificial sugars, low in calories and big in flavour! Choose the Mixed Case for your hamper so they can pick their favourite flavour. 

2. Chintal’s Kitchen

Award winning baker Chintal makes delicious Nankhatai - a melt in the mouth gently spiced shortbread style biscuit which comes in packaging that will easily fit in the hamper. The box is also very durable which is why they sell refills of the Nankhatai for future sweet treat needs.

3. Bunches : Letter box Flowers 

Ethically sourced flowers from this British family business with next day delivery. The letterbox friendly packaging means you could send it directly to your loved one or slip it into the hamper without worrying about damaging the blooms. They arrive as closed buds to be more compact and can make more than one vase full!

4. Persephone Books

Buying a book for someone can be fraught with challenges unless you know their reading preferences super well. Luckily, this bookstore - which stocks neglected fiction and non-fiction by mid-twentieth century (mostly) women writers also sells “a book a month” : a 6 or 12 month subscription where the recipient can choose their own books. None of the pressure, all of the praise from the book lover in your life!

5. Double Dutch 

Our Saffron Elixir is caffeine free and it makes an excellent base in a cocktail. Whether you’re gifting to someone who is teetotal, observing Mindful drinking or is partial to a tipple or two - we love this range of tonics & mixers for no & low alcohol cocktails too. Made with natural sugars, low in calories & founded by twin sisters, it’s a fun addition to the hamper. If you fancy making your hamper beverage focused; then I’d say go for a mixed case of 3 Elixirs, the Indian tonic water from Double Dutch & ‘Spirited’ an excellent book on creating flavour focused recipes for drinks at home. If you’re looking for some inspiration on gin brands to include, big & small, then check out @theginbandits and @memelovesgin on Instagram for gin-spiration (lols)

6. Oneironaut

You can’t really go wrong with Candles can you? Margaret & Rob make their hand-poured soy wax candles in handmade ceramics in Richmond and can be found at Canopy Market in London as well most weekends. If you’re further afield (or just staying in for a while) their online shop also features probably some of the best incense sticks I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a LOT!) My personal favourites are Foggy Garden & Intellectual Clarity.

7. Chocolate subscriptions

While we’re on the subject of classics: chocolate is a great addition to any hamper. If you want to level up - a chocolate subscription is a gift that keeps on giving! The Chocolate Society does a fun option called “box of the month” where you can sign someone up to receive an assorted range of different flavours every month, with different monthly subscription options to choose from. If you’re making a hamper for someone who is Vegan, Seed and Bean has a large variety including this Dark chocolate & Cornish Sea salt one which is excellent. 

8. Cookbooks 

For the foodie in your life; cookbooks are a no-brainer. A few I would recommend are: From Oven to Table, Mandalay, Asma’s Indian Kitchen, ‘Sweet’ or ‘Simple’ by Ottolenghi or , Falastin, Sirocco. All can be found on Amazon, at Foyles or Waterstones or your local independent bookstore.

And finally for the hamper itself, you can find a variety of options and sizes at The Basket Company. 

I’d love it if you would share this article with the gifting-challenged folks in your life & if you do use this article for hamper-inspiration please share a photo with us!

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