What is L Theanine and why is it good for you?

We often wax lyrical about L Theanine (sometimes called just Theanine) when describing the benefits of drinking our Botanical Cold Brew Teas. Then we realised some of you haven’t heard of L Theanine or don’t exactly know why it’s beneficial, so here’s a short article on what it is and how it’s helpful.

What’s L-Theanine and why should I care that it’s in my Cold Brew Tea?

L Theanine is a non-protein Amino Acid which is naturally occurring in Green Tea and sometimes in mushrooms. It was discovered in tea by Japanese scientists in the 1940’s during studies into the science of ‘Umami.’

Over the years studies have shown that Theanine can increase the dopamine and serotonin levels (the happiness hormones in our body.) This is beneficial because it creates a natural feeling of calm and relaxation. In some cases, where people are experiencing stress and anxiety - Theanine in tablet form has been prescribed as a non-pharmaceutical remedy. 

Drinking Green Tea - which is nature’s main source of L-Theanine - is great because it gives you a regular, natural feeling of calm and relaxation without causing drowsiness like some store bought anxiety solutions. A good reason to get your LTheanine from Green Tea sources like Cold Brew Tea (rather than in tablet form) is it helps you focus. This is because you get the natural calming effect from LTheanine without the sedative effect, and then also the gentle caffeine of Cold Brew, rather than the hyper alert, slightly wired feeling of other caffeine sources. 

So people who normally drink coffee to stay awake or alert, but often find themselves “crashing” from too much caffeine - can benefit from Cold Brew Green tea far more because you get the focus without the jitters, elevated heart rate, dehydration and negative effect on sleep.

The final positive effect of drinking things with Cold Brew tea which has L-Theanine is that it also promotes longer, restful sleep. Since it creates a calming effect and promotes a calm heart rate and it doesn't leave you dehydrated or pumped up with strong caffeine - your ability to fall asleep easily as well as the quality of your sleep improves.

There are no negative effects of L-Theanine on the human body either. The cumulative effect of reducing your caffeine intake combined with a natural anxiety manager will only be beneficial. If you struggle with generalised anxiety, dehydration or bad sleep - making conscious choices about the type of drinks you consume for energy or focus is critical to improving your quality of life and sleep. As a brand that believes in making good, healthy choices we have a duty of care to also remind you that if you’re experiencing chronic anxiety, disturbed sleep or other health troubles then you should speak to a medical professional or a therapist to find additional, personalised solutions.

In the meantime, you can try our Botanical Cold Brew tea; to help you on your way to better mood, rest, skin and less feelings of stress.

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