Our Journey to Cold Brew Tea

Our journey into Cold Brew Tea began in 2018 with a search for a drink that is lightly caffeinated, natural, low in sugar & calories, hydrating and of course - delicious

We needed a gentle alternative to coffee to soothe the dreaded racing heart rate, caffeine-jitters, anxiousness, dry mouth and disturbed sleep.

There was nothing that met our needs in London. Everything was either sugary, artificial or way too caffeinated; so we decided to create our own. 

We took inspiration from the centuries old Himalayan tea culture of Kashmir. Our Founder Asma, whose family is from Kashmir, started tinkering in the kitchen and found her way to Cold Brewing tea. Fast forward to January 2020 and our delicious ready to drink, Botanical Cold Brew Teas were born.

So WHY Cold Brew Tea?

When you live with chronic bad sleep or generalised anxiety - strong caffeine is not your friend. We wanted to create a drink that can give you gentle, natural energy without stealing your sleep or your peace of mind.

Cold Brew Tea gives you gentle caffeine with none of the downsides.

Having dealt with chronic sleeplessness and anxiety for many years, we believe strongly in the power of gentle energy. That said, we also know that sometimes changes to your lifestyle alone aren't enough. Now and again everyone needs extra help.

That's why we are proud to support Mental Health charities in the UK by donating 10% of our profits from all purchases. We try to focus on the small independent charities who don't have as much funding, so every quarter we'll pick a new one to shout about and fund-raise for. Follow along on Facebook & Instagram to learn about the charities we choose.

Within the product range, we kept things simple and offer our Cold Brews in 3 incredible flavours; Saffron, Rose and Pomegranate.

Our drinks are made with natural ingredients, low in natural sugars, packed full of Antioxidants and L-Theanine and lightly caffeinated with adaptogenic green tea. Inspired by Kashmir, Made in London. 

With Love, Asma - Founder

Pomegranate Cold Brew Tea