We deliver across the UK only at the moment. Standard delivery is 3 Business days when the order is placed Monday to Wednesday before 11 am. Orders placed after 11 am will be dispatched the next working day and orders placed on Thursday or Friday, may take an additional Business day. Our couriers do deliver on Saturdays but deliveries may vary. During the Covid-19 period there may some minor delays due to overwhelmed courier services; so some orders may take 4 - 5 business days depending on when the order was placed.
We're working on setting up International Delivery in the near future. 
What is Cold Brew Tea?
Our Cold Brew Tea is a gently caffeinated drink made with natural ingredients including Green Tea. We infuse the Botanicals and Tea without heat to make a delicious, gently caffeinated drink. Our Saffron Cold Brew Tea is caffeine-free.
Do you use sugar in your Cold Brew Tea?
We do not use any artificial sugars or sweeteners.
Where are your Cold Brew Teas made?
We make all our products in the UK.
Do you make Kashmiri Pink Chai?
Yes we do, it is available for catering only. Please contact us at hello@kashmiriteahouse.com for more information.
What is L-Theanine?
L Theanine is a non-protein Amino Acid which is naturally occurring in Green Tea and sometimes in mushrooms. Studies have shown that Theanine can increase the dopamine and serotonin levels (the happiness hormones in our body.) This is beneficial because it creates a natural feeling of calm and relaxation. Read more detail about L-Theanine in this Blog post
What are Antioxidants?
Antioxidants are natural compounds that inhibit oxidation in our cells. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals in the body, leading to reactions that may damage the cells and your cells' ability to regenerate normally.
Where is your Business based?
Kashmiri Tea House is based in London, England. 
Where else can I find your Cold Brews?
You can find us on thefoodmarket.com, clubsodaguide.com, withjuno.com, and in our online Shop.
Returns or Refunds
In the unlikely event that your Order arrives damaged, please take photos of the item as it was delivered and contact us on hello@kashmiriteahouse.com
Once confirmed that the Order was damaged before it reached you, we will offer you either a refund or a replacement. If the items were consumed, this may effect our ability to offer a refund or return.
If you order has taken longer than it should, please email us on hello@kashmiriteahouse.com